Springfield Civic Center

Springfield Civic Center

Location: Springfield, Massachusetts
Dates: October 19, 1979-February 3, 1980
Total games: 22
Total goals: 169 by 72 players

Hartford Whalers (97 goals), Washington Capitals (10), Buffalo Sabres (7), Chicago Blackhawks (7), Montreal Canadiens (7), New York Rangers (7), Pittsburgh Penguins (6), New York Islanders (5), Philadelphia Flyers (4), Quebec Nordiques (4), Atlanta Flames (3), Los Angeles Kings (3), Toronto Maple Leafs (3), Boston Bruins (2), Detroit Red Wings (2), Winnipeg Jets (2).

Springfield Civic Center was the home of the Hartford Whalers while Hartford Civic Center was being renovated in 1979/80.

Player Goals Notes
Blaine Stoughton18All with Hartford Whalers.
Jordy Douglas15All with Hartford Whalers.
Mike Rogers15All with Hartford Whalers.
Mark Howe11All with Hartford Whalers.
Greg Carroll5All with Hartford Whalers.
Dave Debol5All with Hartford Whalers.
Nick Fotiu4All with Hartford Whalers.
Gordie Howe4All with Hartford Whalers.
Steve Shutt4All with Montreal Canadiens.
Danny Gare3All with Buffalo Sabres.
Gordie Roberts3All with Hartford Whalers.
Tom Rowe3All with Hartford Whalers.
Al Sims3All with Hartford Whalers.
Bill Bennett2All with Hartford Whalers.
Mike Bossy2All with New York Islanders.
Guy Charron2All with Washington Capitals.
Mike Gartner2All with Washington Capitals.
Alan Hangsleben2All with Hartford Whalers.
Bernie Johnston2All with Hartford Whalers.
Pierre Larouche2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Rich Leduc2All with Quebec Nordiques.
Antero Lehtonen2All with Washington Capitals.
Gary McAdam2All with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Kent Nilsson2All with Atlanta Flames.
Mike O'Connell2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Ron Plumb2All with Hartford Whalers.
Rich Preston2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Brian Propp2All with Philadelphia Flyers.
Charlie Simmer2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Darryl Sittler2All with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Ray Allison1With Hartford Whalers.
Barry Beck1With New York Rangers.
Ivan Boldirev1With Atlanta Flames.
Mel Bridgman1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Ross Cory1With Winnipeg Jets.
Rick Dudley1With Buffalo Sabres.
Butch Goring1With Los Angeles Kings.
Michel Goulet1With Quebec Nordiques.
Ron Greschner1With New York Rangers.
Anders Hedberg1With New York Rangers.
Brian Hill1With Hartford Whalers (his only NHL goal).
Paul Holmgren1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Wes Jarvis1With Washington Capitals.
Ed Johnstone1With New York Rangers.
Dave Keon1With Hartford Whalers.
Orest Kindrachuk1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Dan Labraaten1With Detroit Red Wings.
Gord Lane1With New York Islanders.
Peter Lee1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Ross Lonsberry1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Tom Lysiak1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Dan Maloney1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Don Maloney1With New York Rangers.
John Markell1With Winnipeg Jets.
Tony McKegney1With Buffalo Sabres.
Pierre Mondou1With Montreal Canadiens.
Murray Murdoch1With New York Rangers.
Bob Murray1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Vaclav Nedomansky1With Detroit Red Wings.
Brad Park1With Boston Bruins.
Gilbert Perreault1With Buffalo Sabres.
Robert Picard1With Washington Capitals.
Jean Ratelle1With Boston Bruins.
Terry Ruskowski1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Rod Schutt1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Rick Smith1With Buffalo Sabres.
Leif Svensson1With Washington Capitals.
Dean Talafous1With New York Rangers.
Marc Tardif1With Quebec Nordiques.
Jon Tonelli1With New York Islanders.
Bryan Trottier1With New York Islanders.
Ryan Walter1With Washington Capitals.

Unusual game sites

This is a list of regular season NHL games (i.e. not including pre-season exhibition games, or playoff games) that were played in an arena that was not the home team's usual rink. Sometimes the games were simply played in the away team's home arena, but most of the time the games are part of an NHL event taking place at neither team's home ice.

As far as I'm aware, I've found all the games that were not played at the home team's usual home arena. If I've missed any, please let me know at ambishop@gmail.com or on Twitter @NHLArenaGoals.


Quebec had an NHL team, but did not play the first two seasons. Several players who played for Quebec's NHA team (notably Joe Malone and Joe Hall) played for Montreal in 1917/18. This game at the Aréna de Québec allowed Quebec fans to see their favourite players while their team was inactive. Quebec eventually played one season, 1919/20, before moving to Hamilton.
  • December 27, 1919 - Ottawa Senators 2 @ Montreal Canadiens 0 (Ottawa Arena)
Montreal moved to Mount Royal Arena for the 1919/20 season, but the arena was not ready until January 1920. Their first home game of the season was played in Ottawa.


  • November 29, 1924 - Toronto St. Patricks 1 @ Montreal Canadiens 7 (Montreal Forum)
The Montreal Maroons joined the league for the 1924/25 season and played in the new Montreal Forum. However, the honour of playing the first game at the Forum went to Montreal's original team, the Canadiens, who at this time played at Mount Royal Arena. They joined the Maroons at the Forum for the 1926/27 season.
All the records I can find online, unless they are mistaken, list these two games are as home games for what was actually the road team - New York was the home team at Detroit's arena and vice versa. 1926/27 was Detroit's first season and they played their regular home games at Border Cities Arena in Windsor, Ontario, before Olympia Stadium in Detroit was completed in 1927.
The Ottawa Senators, Chicago Blackhawks, and Pittsburgh Pirates played numerous home games outside of their usual home arenas in the late 1920s and 1930s.

The Senators were the NHL's oldest team. They were formed in the 19th century, long before the NHL or even the NHA existed. However, Ottawa was in financial trouble in the 20s and 30s during the Great Depression. Fans in Ottawa were especially not interested in watching the Senators play against American teams, so occasionally home games were played away from the Ottawa Auditorium. This way, they could collect gate revenues that were much higher than what they would have received in their actual home arena.

Likewise, the Pittsburgh Pirates had financial troubles during this period and played some games away from their home, Duquesne Gardens. Ottawa and Pittsburgh also played several games at sites that had no NHL team - Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Peace Bridge Arena in Fort Erie, Ontario. The Pirates moved to Philadelphia in 1930 and played one season as the Quakers. Both the Quakers and Senators sat out the 1931/32 season; Ottawa returned to the league before eventually moving to St. Louis in 1934, but disbanded after one season as the Eagles. The Quakers did not return at all.

Chicago played in different arenas as well, because of problems with the availability of their home rinks, Chicago Coliseum and Chicago Stadium. They were unable to use the Coliseum at the end of the 1928/29 season, so they played home games at Peace Bridge Arena, Border Cities Arena, and Olympia Stadium. The new Chicago Stadium was not ready for the beginning of the 1929/30 season, so they played their first games in the old Coliseum. Their first three home games of the 1932/33 season were also played at the Coliseum.

Again, if online records are not mistaken, these two games were home games for the road team. (Online records also switch the days around, so I'm not sure how accurate they are.)


  • December 6, 1952 - Detroit Red Wings 2 @ Chicago Blackhawks 0 (Indiana State Fairgrounds)
  • December 18, 1953 - Detroit Red Wings 3 @ Chicago Blackhawks 1 (Indiana State Fairgrounds)
  • January 21, 1954 - Boston Bruins 3 @ Chicago Blackhawks 2 (Indiana State Fairgrounds)
  • February 19, 1954 - New York Rangers 3 @ Chicago Blackhawks 0 (Indiana State Fairgrounds)
  • February 25, 1954 - Detroit Red Wings 3 @ Chicago Blackhawks 2 (Ak-sar-ben Coliseum)
  • November 23, 1954 - Montreal Canadiens 4 @ Chicago Blackhawks 4 (St. Louis Arena)
  • November 30, 1954 - Montreal Canadiens 3 @ Chicago Blackhawks 3 (Ak-sar-ben Coliseum)
  • December 15, 1954 - Toronto Maple Leafs 8 @ Chicago Blackhawks 3 (St. Louis Arena)
  • January 2, 1955 - Toronto Maple Leafs 2 @ Chicago Blackhawks 3 (St. Louis Arena)
  • January 9, 1955 - Detroit Red Wings 6 @ Chicago Blackhawks 2 (St. Louis Arena)
  • January 29, 1955 - Detroit Red Wings 2 @ Chicago Blackhawks 2 (St. Louis Arena)
  • February 23, 1955 - Boston Bruins 3 @ Chicago Blackhawks 3 (St. Paul Auditorium)
  • March 16, 1955 - New York Rangers 1 @ Chicago Blackhawks 1 (St. Louis Arena)
  • October 25, 1955 - Boston Bruins 0 @ Chicago Blackhawks 2 (St. Louis Arena)
  • December 9, 1955 - Boston Bruins 1 @ Chicago Blackhawks 1 (St. Louis Arena)
  • December 20, 1955 - Montreal Canadiens 7 @ Chicago Blackhawks 1 (St. Louis Arena)
  • January 14, 1956 - Detroit Red Wings 3 @ Chicago Blackhawks 1 (St. Louis Arena)
  • January 17, 1956 - New York Rangers 2 @ Chicago Blackhawks 2 (Ak-sar-ben Coliseum)
  • March 8, 1956 - New York Rangers 6 @ Chicago Blackhawks 4 (St. Louis Arena)
From 1952 to 1956 the Chicago Blackhawks played numerous home games outside of Chicago in other cities in the Midwest. For the most part the games were played in St. Louis; St. Louis Arena had earlier been the home of the St. Louis Eagles in 1934/35, and would later be the home of the St. Louis Blues from 1967 to 1994. Chicago also played at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Ak-sar-ben Coliseum in Omaha, and the Auditorium in St. Paul. The February 25, 1954 game was originally scheduled for Minneapolis but was moved to Omaha.


  • October 14, 1967 Philadelphia Flyers 2 @ Los Angeles Kings 4 (Long Beach Arena)
  • October 15, 1967 Minnesota North Stars 3 @ Los Angeles Kings 5 (Long Beach Arena)
  • October 31, 1967 New York Rangers 6 @ Los Angeles Kings 1 (Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena)
  • November 2, 1967 Chicago Blackhawks 3 @ Los Angeles Kings 1 (Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena)
  • November 7, 1967 Oakland Seals 4 @ Los Angeles Kings 5 (Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena)
  • November 9, 1967 Toronto Maple Leafs 1 @ Los Angeles Kings 4 (Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena)
  • November 17, 1967 Detroit Red Wings 4 @ Los Angeles Kings 1 (Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena)
  • November 19, 1967 Montreal Canadiens 2 @ Los Angeles Kings 4 (Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena)
  • November 22, 1967 Oakland Seals 1 @ Los Angeles Kings 3 (Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena)
  • November 24, 1967 Pittsburgh Penguins 3 @ Los Angeles Kings 5 (Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena)
  • December 6, 1967 St. Louis Blues 2 @ Los Angeles Kings 3 (Long Beach Arena)
  • December 8, 1967 Philadelphia Flyers 3 @ Los Angeles Kings 0 (Long Beach Arena)
  • December 15, 1967 Minnesota North Stars 3 @ Los Angeles Kings 0 (Long Beach Arena)
  • December 16, 1967 Boston Bruins 5 @ Los Angeles Kings 2 (Long Beach Arena)
  • December 19, 1967 Oakland Seals 1 @ Los Angeles Kings 3 (Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena)
  • December 21, 1967 - Pittsburgh Penguins 1 @ Los Angeles Kings 4 (Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena)
  • December 23, 1967 - St. Louis Blues 0 @ Los Angeles Kings 4 (Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena)
  • March 3, 1968 - Oakland Seals 1 @ Philadelphia Flyers 1 (Madison Square Garden)
  • March 7, 1968 - Boston Bruins 2 @ Philadelphia Flyers 1 (Maple Leaf Gardens)
  • March 10, 1968 - Minnesota North Stars 0 @ Philadelphia Flyers 2 (Colisee de Quebec)
  • March 14, 1968 - Los Angeles Kings 0 @ Philadelphia Flyers 0 (Colisee de Quebec)
  • March 17, 1968 - Toronto Maple Leafs 4 @ Philadelphia Flyers 7 (Colisee de Quebec)
  • March 28, 1968 - St. Louis Blues 0 @ Philadelphia Flyers 2 (Colisee de Quebec)
  • March 30, 1968 - Pittsburgh Penguins 2 @ Philadelphia Flyers 0 (Colisee de Quebec)
  • November 8, 1968 - New York Rangers 3 @ Oakland Seals 2 (Cow Palace)
  • December 8, 1968 - Minnesota North Stars 4 @ Oakland Seals 1 (Cow Palace)
  • December 22, 1968 - Philadelphia Flyers 1 @ Oakland Seals 2 (Cow Palace)
  • February 21, 1969 - St. Louis Blues 2 @ Oakland Seals 3 (Cow Palace)
  • February 26, 1969 - Minnesota North Stars 5 @ Oakland Seals 6 (Cow Palace)
Two of the 1967 expansion teams played some of their games outside of their usual home arenas in their first year. The Los Angeles Kings' home arena was the Great Western Forum from 1967 to 1999, but it was not yet complete for the beginning of the 1967/68 season. Instead, they played home games at Long Beach Arena and the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

At the end of the season, the Spectrum, home of the Philadelphia Flyers, was damaged during a snowstorm. The Flyers played the rest of the season away from home. They played at Maple Leaf Gardens, Madison Square Garden (the afternoon before a New York Rangers home game), and then finished the season at the Colisée de Québec, the future home of the Quebec Nordiques.

During the 1968-69 season, the Oakland Seals played 5 games at the Cow Palace in Daly City, where the Western Hockey League San Francisco Seals had played from 1961-1967 and the San Jose Sharks would play from 1991 to 1993. (Thanks to James Karkoski for the tip about the Seals.)


The Hartford Whalers played at Hartford Civic Center, from 1975 to 1978 in the WHA and from 1980 to 1997 in the NHL. However, the roof collapsed in Hartford in 1979, so to begin their first NHL season, they played at the Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. All home games from October 19, 1979 to February 3, 1980 were played in Springfield.


  • October 13, 1992 - Calgary Flames 4 @ Minnesota North Stars 3 (Saskatchewan Place, Saskatoon)
  • October 20, 1992 - Ottawa Senators 3 @ Toronto Maple Leafs 5 (Copps Coliseum, Hamilton)
  • November 3, 1992 - Chicago Blackhawks 1 @ Washington Capitals 4 (Market Square Arena, Indianapolis)
  • November 17, 1992 - Toronto Maple Leafs 1 @ Quebec Nordiques 3 (Copps Coliseum, Hamilton)
  • November 18, 1992 - Buffalo Sabres 2 @ New Jersey Devils 3 (Copps Coliseum, Hamilton)
  • December 1, 1992 - Los Angeles Kings 6 @ Chicago Blackhawks 3 (Bradley Center, Milwaukee)
  • December 8, 1992 - Montreal Canadiens 5 @ Los Angeles Kings 5 (Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix)
  • December 9, 1992 - Tampa Bay Lightning 5 @ New York Rangers 6 (Miami Arena, Miami)
  • December 13, 1992 - Edmonton Oilers 1 @ New York Islanders 4 (Myriad Convention Center, Oklahoma City)
  • December 15, 1992 - New York Islanders 4 @ St. Louis Blues 3 (Reunion Arena, Dallas)
  • January 4, 1993 - San Jose Sharks 1 @ Montreal Canadiens 4 (ARCO Arena, Sacramento)
  • January 18, 1993 - Hartford Whalers 7 @ Winnipeg Jets 8 (Saskatchewan Place, Saskatoon)
  • February 8, 1993 - St. Louis Blues 3 @ Hartford Whalers 1 (Carver Arena, Peoria)
  • February 8, 1993 - Boston Bruins 0 @ Pittsburgh Penguins 4 (OMNI Coliseum, Atlanta)
  • February 16, 1993 - Philadelphia Flyers 4 @ Calgary Flames 4 (Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati)
  • February 20, 1993 - Quebec Nordiques 5 @ Tampa Bay Lightning 2 (Halifax Metro Center, Halifax)
  • February 22, 1993 - New York Rangers 4 @ San Jose Sharks 0 (ARCO Arena, Sacramento)
  • February 22, 1993 - Detroit Red Wings 5 @ Philadelphia Flyers 5 (Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland)
  • February 23, 1993 - Winnipeg Jets 8 @ Ottawa Senators 2 (Saskatchewan Place, Saskatoon)
  • March 1, 1993 - Vancouver Canucks 5 @ Buffalo Sabres 2 (Copps Coliseum, Hamilton)
  • March 11, 1993 - Minnesota North Stars 4 @ Vancouver Canucks 3 (Saskatchewan Place, Saskatoon)
  • March 16, 1993 - New Jersey Devils 1 @ Boston Bruins 3 (Providence Civic Center, Providence)
  • March 16, 1993 - Washington Capitals 4 @ Detroit Red Wings 2 (Bradley Center, Milwaukee)
  • March 21, 1993 - Pittsburgh Penguins 6 @ Edmonton Oilers 4 (Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland)
  • October 21, 1993 - San Jose Sharks 2 @ St. Louis Blues 5 (ARCO Arena, Sacramento)
  • October 31, 1993 - New Jersey Devils 1 @ New York Rangers 4 (Halifax Metro Center, Halifax)
  • November 3, 1993 - Pittsburgh Penguins 6 @ Buffalo Sabres 2 (ARCO Arena, Sacramento)
  • November 9, 1993 - Dallas Stars 2 @ Anaheim Ducks 4 (America West Arena, Phoenix)
  • November 18, 1993 - New York Islanders 5 @ Montreal Canadiens 1 (Copps Coliseum, Hamilton)
  • December 9, 1993 - Ottawa Senators 1 @ Dallas Stars 6 (Target Center, Minneapolis)
  • December 14, 1993 - Montreal Canadiens 1 @ Tampa Bay Lightning 1 (Orlando Arena, Orlando)
  • December 23, 1993 - Calgary Flames 3 @ Vancouver Canucks 4 (Saskatchewan Place, Saskatoon)
  • December 26, 1993 - Florida Panthers 3 @ Tampa Bay Lightning 1 (Orlando Arena, Orlando)
  • December 31, 1993 - Philadelphia Flyers 4 @ Boston Bruins 3 (Target Center, Minneapolis)
  • January 2, 1994 - Anaheim Ducks 4 @ Tampa Bay Lightning 1 (Orlando Arena, Orlando)
  • January 4, 1994 - Tampa Bay Lightning 1 @ Toronto Maple Leafs 0 (Copps Coliseum, Hamilton)
  • January 5, 1994 - Montreal Canadiens 4 @ Quebec Nordiques 0 (America West Arena, Phoenix)
  • January 6, 1994 - St. Louis Blues 2 @ Hartford Whalers 1 (Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland)
  • January 17, 1994 - Detroit Red Wings 6 @ Tampa Bay Lightning 3 (Target Center, Minneapolis)
  • January 24, 1994 - Los Angeles Kings 3 @ Calgary Flames 3 (America West Arena, Phoenix)
  • January 24, 1994 - Buffalo Sabres 0 @ Tampa Bay Lightning 4 (Orlando Arena, Orlando)
  • January 24, 1994 - Vancouver Canucks 5 @ Edmonton Oilers 4 (Saskatchewan Place, Saskatoon)
  • February 2, 1994 - Washington Capitals 5 @ Philadelphia Flyers 2 (Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland)
  • February 8, 1994 - Chicago Blackhawks 3 @ San Jose Sharks 4 (ARCO Arena, Sacramento)
  • February 22, 1994 - Florida Panthers 3 @ Winnipeg Jets 2 (Copps Coliseum, Hamilton)
  • February 24, 1994 - Hartford Whalers 0 @ Detroit Red Wings 3 (Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland)
  • March 4, 1994 - Winnipeg Jets 6 @ Ottawa Senators 1 (Target Center, Minneapolis)
  • March 8, 1994 - Anaheim Ducks 0 @ Chicago Blackhawks 3 (America West Arena, Phoenix)
  • March 9, 1994 - New York Rangers 7 @ Washington Capitals 5 (Halifax Metro Center, Halifax)
  • March 18, 1994 - Buffalo Sabres 2 @ New York Islanders 2 (Target Center, Minneapolis)
  • March 20, 1994 - Washington Capitals 3 @ Tampa Bay Lightning 0 (Orlando Arena, Orlando)
  • March 23, 1994 - Toronto Maple Leafs 1 @ Florida Panthers 1 (Copps Coliseum, Hamilton)
  • March 27, 1994 - Quebec Nordiques 2 @ New Jersey Devils 5 (Target Center, Minneapolis)
  • April 3, 1994 - Edmonton Oilers 1 @ Los Angeles Kings 6 (ARCO Arena, Sacramento)
  • April 3, 1994 - Boston Bruins 2 @ Pittsburgh Penguins 6 (Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland)
From 1992 to 1994 the NHL played numerous "neutral site" games. This was a period of expansion and proposed expansion, so some of the neutral sites were in cities that would later have teams (Reunion Arena in Dallas, America West Arena in Phoenix). Some games were also played in arenas that had been used by defunct or relocated teams (Richfield Coliseum, former home of the Cleveland Barons, OMNI Coliseum, former home of the Atlanta Flames).
The NHL opened the 1997/98 and 1998/99 seasons with two games each in Tokyo, Japan.


The NHL returned to Japan to start the 2000/01 season with two games at Saitama, Tokyo.
The Buffalo Sabres played 2 home games at Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York, in 2003 and 2005.

Heritage Classic

  • November 22, 2003 - Montreal Canadiens 4 @ Edmonton Oilers 3 (Commonwealth Stadium)
  • February 20, 2011 - Montreal Canadiens 0 @ Calgary Flames 4 (McMahon Stadium)
  • March 2, 2014 - Ottawa Senators 4 @ Vancouver Canucks 2 (BC Place)
  • 2016 Winnipeg?
The Heritage Classic is played outdoors at a Canadian stadium. So far, two have been played, at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton and McMahon Stadium in Calgary. A third is scheduled for BC Place in Vancouver, and a fourth has been announced for Winnipeg, possibly in 2016.

NHL Premiere

  • Sep 29 2007 - Anaheim Ducks 1 @ Los Angeles Kings 4 (O2 Arena, London)
  • Sep 30 2007 - Los Angeles Kings 1 @ Anaheim Ducks 4 (O2 Arena, London)
  • Oct 4 2008 - Pittburgh Penguins 4 @ Ottawa Senators 3 (Globe Arena, Stockholm)
  • Oct 4 2008 - New York Rangers 2 @ Tampa Bay Lightning 1 (O2 Arena, Prague)
  • Oct 5 2008 - Ottawa Senators 3 @ Pittburgh Penguins 1 (Globe Arena, Stockholm)
  • Oct 5 2008 - Tampa Bay Lightning 1 @ New York Rangers 2 (O2 Arena, Prague)
  • Oct 2 2009 - St. Louis Blues 4 @ Detroit Red Wings 3 (Globe Arena, Stockholm)
  • Oct 2 2009 - Florida Panthers 4 @ Chicago Blackhawks 3 (Hartwall Areena, Helsinki)
  • Oct 3 2009 - Detroit Red Wings 3 @ St. Louis Blues 5 (Globe Arena, Stockholm)
  • Oct 3 2009 - Chicago Blackhawks 4 @ Florida Panthers 0 (Hartwall Areena, Helsinki)
  • Oct 7 2010 - Carolina Hurricanes 4 @ Minnesota Wild 3 (Hartwall Areena, Helsinki)
  • Oct 8 2010 - San Jose Sharks 3 @ Columbus Blue Jackets 2 (Globe Arena, Stockholm)
  • Oct 8 2010 - Minnesota Wild 1 @ Carolina Hurricanes 2 (Hartwall Areena, Helsinki)
  • Oct 9 2010 - Columbus Blue Jackets 3 @ San Jose Sharks 2 (Globe Arena, Stockholm)
  • Oct 9 2010 - Phoenix Coyotes 5 @ Boston Bruins 2 (O2 Arena, Prague)
  • Oct 10 2010 - Boston Bruins 3 @ Phoenix Coyotes 0 (O2 Arena, Prague)
  • Oct 7 2011 - New York Rangers 2 @ Los Angeles Kings 3 (Globe Arena, Stockholm)
  • Oct 7 2011 - Anaheim Ducks 1 @ Buffalo Sabres 4 (Hartwall Areena, Helsinki)
  • Oct 8 2011 - New York Rangers 1 @ Anaheim Ducks 2 (Globe Arena, Stockholm)
  • Oct 8 2011 - Buffalo Sabres 4 @ Los Angeles Kings 2 (O2 World Arena, Berlin)
From 2007 to 2011, the NHL began the season with several games in Europe.

Winter Classic

  • January 1, 2008 - Pittsburgh Penguins 2 @ Buffalo Sabres (Ralph Wilson Stadium, Orchard Park)
  • January 1, 2009 - Detroit Red Wings 6 @ Chicago Blackhawks 4 (Wrigley Field, Chicago)
  • January 1, 2010 - Philadelphia Flyers 1 @ Boston Bruins 2 (Fenway Park, Boston)
  • January 1, 2011 - Washington Capitals 3 @ Pittsburgh Penguins 1 (Heinz Field, Pittsburgh)
  • January 1, 2012 - New York Rangers 3 @ Philadelphia Flyers 2 (Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia)
  • January 1, 2014 - Toronto Maple Leafs 3 @ Detroit Red Wings 2 (Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor)
  • January 1, 2015? - Washington?
Like the Heritage Classic, the Winter Classic is played outdoors, but in the United States. The games always take place on January 1. So far, six have been played, with a seventh announced for Washington.

Stadium Series

  • January 25, 2014 - Anaheim Ducks 3 @ Los Angeles Kings 0 (Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles)
  • January 26, 2014 - New York Rangers 7 @ New Jersey Devils 3 (Yankee Stadium, New York)
  • January 29, 2014 - New York Rangers 2 @ New York Islanders 1 (Yankee Stadium, New York)
  • March 1, 2014 - Pittsburgh Penguins 1 @ Chicago Blackhawks 5 (Soldier Field, Chicago)
The Stadium Series is a series of games played outdoors in baseball/football stadiums in 2014. Unusually, the New York Rangers were not legally allowed to play as the home team at their two games at Yankee Stadium, so they were home games for the New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders instead.

Once again, if I've missed any, please let me know at ambishop@gmail.com or on Twitter at @NHLArenaGoals.

Los Angeles/Long Beach

Long Beach Arena and Los Angeles Memorial Sports Coliseum

The Los Angeles Kings played the first few months of the 1967/68 season in the Long Beach Arena and the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Coliseum, before the Great Western Forum was completed.

Long Beach Arena

Location: Long Beach, California
Dates: October 14-15, December 6-16, 1967
Total games: 6
Total goals: 32 by 25 players

Player Goals Notes
Ted Irvine3All with Los Angeles Kings.
Ray Cullen2All with Minnesota North Stars.
Howie Hughes2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Brian Kilrea2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Gord Labossiere2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Fred Stanfield2All with Boston Bruins.
Dave Amadio1With Los Angeles Kings.
Dave Balon1With Minnesota North Stars.
Bob Charlebois1With Minnesota North Stars.
Gary Dornhoefer1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Phil Esposito1With Boston Bruins.
Murray Hall1With Minnesota North Stars.
Pat Hannigan1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Ed Hoekstra1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Fred Hucul1With St. Louis Blues.
Claude Laforge1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Real Lemieux1With Los Angeles Kings.
Lowell MacDonald1With Los Angeles Kings.
Don McKenney1With St. Louis Blues.
Mike McMahon1With Minnesota North Stars.
Eddie Shack1With Boston Bruins.
Brian Smith1With Los Angeles Kings.
Bill Sutherland1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Bob Wall1With Los Angeles Kings.
Tommy Williams1With Boston Bruins.

Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena

Location: Los Angeles, California
Dates: October 31, November 2-24, December 19-23, 1967
Total games: 11
Total goals: 63 by 36 players

Player Goals Notes
Brian Smith7All with Los Angeles Kings.
Bryan Campbell5All with Los Angeles Kings.
Eddie Joyal5All with Los Angeles Kings.
Lowell MacDonald4All with Los Angeles Kings.
Bill Flett3All with Los Angeles Kings.
Terry Gray3All with Los Angeles Kings.
Alain Caron2All with Oakland Seals.
Gord Labossiere2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Art Stratton2All with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Bob Wall2All with Los Angeles Kings.
Red Berenson1With New York Rangers.
Alex Delvecchio1With Detroit Red Wings.
Bob Dillabough1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Reg Fleming1With New York Rangers.
Rod Gilbert1With New York Rangers.
Vic Hadfield1With New York Rangers.
Billy Harris1With Oakland Seals.
Ted Harris1With Montreal Canadiens.
Bill Hicke1With Oakland Seals.
Gordie Howe1With Detroit Red Wings.
Bobby Hull1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Earl Ingarfield1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Ted Irvine1With Los Angeles Kings.
Doug Jarrett1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Mike Laughton1With Oakland Seals.
Real Lemieux1With Los Angeles Kings.
Bob Nevin1With New York Rangers.
Dean Prentice1With Detroit Red Wings.
Bob Pulford1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
Jean Ratelle1With New York Rangers.
Dale Rolfe1With Los Angeles Kings.
George Swarbrick1With Oakland Seals.
Gilles Tremblay1With Montreal Canadiens.
Norm Ullman1With Detroit Red Wings.
Ken Wharram1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Bill White1With Los Angeles Kings.

NHL Premiere

NHL Premiere Series in Europe and Japan

Sporadically from 1997 to 2011, the NHL opened the season with games in Japan and Europe.

Globe Arena (Stockholm, 2008-2011)
Hartwall Areena (Helsinki, 2009-2011)
O2 Arena (London, 2007)
O2 Arena (Prague, 2008, 2010)
O2 World Arena (Berlin, 2011)
Saitama Super Arena (Saitama, 2000)
Yoyogi National Gymnasium (Tokyo, 1997-1998)

Globe Arena

Stockholm, Sweden; October 4, 5, 2008; October 2, 3, 2009; October 8, 9, 2010; October 7, 8, 2011

Globe Arena hosted "NHL Premiere" games from 2008-2011.

Player Goals Notes
Dany Heatley3All with Ottawa Senators.
Kristian Huselius2All with Columbus Blue Jackets.
Paul Kariya2All with St. Louis Blues.
Tyler Kennedy2All with Pittsburgh Penguins.
Joe Thornton2All with San Jose Sharks.
Keith Tkachuk2All with St. Louis Blues.
Patrik Berglund1With St. Louis Blues.
Brad Boyes1With St. Louis Blues.
Ryan Callahan1With New York Rangers.
Dan Cleary1With Detroit Red Wings.
Andrew Cogliano1With Anaheim Ducks.
Logan Couture1With San Jose Sharks.
B.J. Crombeen1With St. Louis Blues.
Shean Donovan1With Ottawa Senators.
Jonathan Ericsson1With Detroit Red Wings.
Marian Gaborik1With New York Rangers.
Alex Goligoski1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Tomas Holmstrom1With Detroit Red Wings.
Jack Johnson1With New York Rangers.
Anze Kopitar1With Los Angeles Kings.
Niklas Kronwall1With Detroit Red Wings.
Ville Leino1With Detroit Red Wings.
Evgeni Malkin1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Kirk Matlby1With Detroit Red Wings.
Jay McClement1With St. Louis Blues.
Andy McDonald1With St. Louis Blues.
Torey Mitchell1With San Jose Sharks.
Ethan Moreau1Columbus Blue Jackets.
Rick Nash1Columbus Blue Jackets.
Brad Richards1With New York Rangers.
Mike Richards1With Los Angeles Kings.
Rob Scuderi1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Devon Setoguchi1With San Jose Sharks.
Jason Spezza1With Ottawa Senators.
R.J. Umberger1Columbus Blue Jackets.
Antoine Vermette1With Ottawa Senators.

Hartwall Areena

Helsinki, Finland; October 2, 3, 2009; October 7, 8, 2010; October 7, 2011

Hartwall Areena has hosted "NHL Premiere" games since 2009.

Player Goals Notes
Dustin Byfuglien2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Patrick Kane2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Patrick Sharp2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Brandon Sutter2All with Carolina Hurricanes.
Thomas Vanek2All with Buffalo Sabres.
Anton Babchuk1With Chicago Blackhawks.
David Booth1With Florida Panthers.
Andrew Brunette1With Minnesota Wild.
Brent Burns1With Minnesota Wild.
Brian Campbell1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Matt Cullen1With Minnesota Wild.
Michael Frolik1With Florida Panthers.
Nate Guenin1With Anaheim Ducks.
Jussi Jokinen1With Carolina Hurricanes.
Ville Koistinen1With Florida Panthers.
Guillaume Latendresse1With Minnesota Wild.
Ville Leino1With Buffalo Sabres.
Jasom Pominville1With Buffalo Sabres.
Tuomu Ruutu1With Carolina Hurricanes.

O2 Arena

London, United Kingdom; September 29, 30, 2007

The O2 Arena in London hosted "NHL Premiere" games in 2007.

Player Goals Notes
Mike Cammalleri3All with Los Angeles Kings.
Corey Perry2All with Anaheim Ducks.
Rob Blake1With Los Angeles Kings.
Michal Handzus1With Los Angeles Kings.
Chris Kunitz1With Anaheim Ducks.
Travis Moen1With Anaheim Ducks.
Bobby Ryan1With Anaheim Ducks.

O2 Arena

Prague, Czech Republic; October 4, 5, 2008; October 9, 10, 2010

The O2 Arena in Prague hosted "NHL Premiere" games in 2008 and 2010.

Player Goals Notes
Nathan Horton3All with Boston Bruins.
Radim Vrbata2All with Phoenix Coyotes.
Eric Belanger1With Phoenix Coyotes.
Brandon Dubinsky1With New York Rangers.
Scott Gomez1With New York Rangers.
Adam Hall1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Milan Lucuc1With Boston Bruins.
Markus Naslund1With New York Rangers.
Taylor Pratt1With Phoenix Coyotes.
Wade Redden1With New York Rangers.
Tyler Seguin1With Boston Bruins.
Martin St. Louis1With Tampa Bay Lightning.
Scottie Upshall1With Phoenix Coyotes.

O2 World Arena

Berlin, Germany; October 8, 2011

The O2 World Arena in Berlin hosted an "NHL Premiere" game in 2011.

Player Goals Notes
Luke Adam2All with Buffalo Sabres.
Anze Kopitar2With Los Angeles Kings.
Paul Gaustad1With Buffalo Sabres.
Drew Stafford1With Buffalo Sabres.

Saitama Super Arena

Saitama, Japan; October 7, 8, 2000

Saitama Super Arena hosted the opening games of the 2000/01 season.

Player Goals Notes
Jan Hrdina2With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Robert Lang1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
David Legwand1With Nashville Predators.
Cliff Ronning1With Nashville Predators.
Martin Straka1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Scott Walker1With Nashville Predators.
Vitali Yachmenev1With Nashville Predators.

Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Tokyo, Japan; October 3, 4, 1997; October 9, 10, 1998

Yoyogi National Gymnasium hosted the opening games of the 1998/99 season.

Player Goals Notes
Theoren Fleury3All with Calgary Flames.
Pavel Bure2All with Vancouver Canucks.
Shawn Antoski1With Anaheim Ducks.
Valeri Bure1With Calgary Flames.
Andrew Cassels1With Calgary Flames.
J.J. Daigneault1With Anaheim Ducks.
Tony Granato1With San Jose Sharks.
Bill Houlder1With San Jose Sharks.
Trevor Linden1With Vancouver Canucks.
Patrick Marleau1With San Jose Sharks.
Mark Messier1With Vancouver Canucks.
Derek Morris1With Calgary Flames.
Joe Murphy1With San Jose Sharks.
Mike Rathie1With San Jose Sharks.
Mike Ricci1With San Jose Sharks.
Dave Roche1With Calgary Flames.
Tomas Sandstrom1With Anaheim Ducks.
Teemu Selanne1With Anaheim Ducks.
Scott Walker1With Vancouver Canucks.
Jason Wiemer1With Calgary Flames.
Scott Young1With Anaheim Ducks.

Stadium Series

NHL Stadium Series

Distinct from the Winter Classic and Heritage Classic, the NHL Stadium Series was played at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and Yankee Stadium in New York in January 2014, and at Soldier Field in Chicago in March 2014.

Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles, California; January 25, 2014

Dodger Stadium, home of the MLB Los Angeles Dodgers, hosted an NHL Stadium Series game on January 25, 2014, between the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings.

Player Goals Notes
Matt Beleskey1With Anaheim Ducks.
Andrew Cogliano1With Anaheim Ducks.
Corey Perry1With Anaheim Ducks.

Soldier Field

Chicago, Illinois; March 1, 2014

Soldier Field, home of the NFL Chicago Bears, held an NHL Stadium Series game on March 1, 2014, between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Chicago Blackhawks.

Player Goals Notes
Jonathan Toews2All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Bryan Bickell1With Chicago Blackhawks.
James Neal1With Pittsburgh Penguins
Patrick Sharp1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Kris Versteeg1With Chicago Blackhawks.

Yankee Stadium

New York, New York; January 26 and 29, 2014

Yankee Stadium, home of the MLB New York Yankees, hosted two NHL Stadium Series games between the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils (January 26, 2014) and the Rangers and the New York Islanders (January 29, 2014).

Player Goals Notes
Patrik Elias2All with New Jersey Devils.
Mats Zuccarello2All with New York Rangers.
Daniel Carcillo1With New York Rangers.
Carl Hagelin1With New York Rangers.
Dominic Moore1With New York Rangers.
Rick Nash1With New York Rangers.
Brock Nelson1With New York Islanders.
Benoit Pouliot1With New York Rangers.
Derek Stepan1With New York Rangers.
Eric Staal1With New York Rangers.
Travis Zajac1With New Jersey Devils.

Chicago Stadium, 1929-1994

Chicago Stadium

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Dates: December 15, 1929-April 14, 1994
Total games:
Total goals:

Chicago Stadium was the longtime home of the Chicago Blackhawks until they moved to the United Center in 1995. They Blackhawks played several games at Chicago Coliseum at the beginning of the 1932/33 season, and a number of games at various arenas in the Midwest throughout the 1950s (see Chicago's 1950s Midwest tour).

Player Goals Notes
Bobby Hull342All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Stan Mikita297All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Steve Larmer222221 with Chicago Blackhawks, 1 with New York Rangers.
Denis Savard197All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Dennis Hull153All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Ken Wharram150All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Pit Martin144138 with Chicago Blackhawks, 3 with Vancouver Canucks, 2 with Boston Bruins, 1 with Detroit Red Wings.
Bill Mosienko141All with Chicago Blackhawks, not counting 2 in St. Louis, November 23, 1954 and March 16, 1955.
Jim Pappin125123 with Chicago Blackhawks, 1 with Toronto Maple Leafs, 1 with California Golden Seals.
Cliff Koroll122All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Jeremy Roenick120All with Chicago Blackhawks, not counting 1 in Minneapolis, December 1, 1992.
Doug Wilson119All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Al Secord118117 with Chicago Blackhawks, 1 with Toronto Maple Leafs.
Doug Bentley114All with Chicago Blackhawks.
Troy Murray114113 with Chicago Blackhawks, 1 with Winnipeg Jets.
Eric Nesterenko110104 with Chicago Blackhawks, 6 with Toronto Maple Leafs, not counting 1 with Toronto in St. Louis, December 15, 1954.
Gordie Howe7673 with Detroit Red Wings, 3 with Hartford Whalers.

Winter Classic/Heritage Classic

Winter Classics and Heritage Classics

BC Place (Vancouver, 2014)
Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia, 2012)
Commonwealth Stadium (Edmonton, 2003)
Fenway Park (Boston, 2010)
Heinz Field (Pittsburgh, 2011)
McMahon Stadium (Calgary, 2011)
Michigan Stadium (Ann Arbor, 2014)
Ralph Wilson Stadium (Orchard Park, 2008)
Wrigley Field (Chicago, 2009)

BC Place

Vancouver, British Columbia; March 2, 2014

BC Place, home of the CFL BC Lions, is scheduled to host the NHL Heritage Classic on March 2, 2014, between the Ottawa Senators and Vancouver Canucks.

Player Goals Notes
Cody Ceci1With Ottawa Senators.
Jason Garrison1With Vancouver Canucks.
Colin Greening1With Ottawa Senators.
Erik Karlsson1With Ottawa Senators.
Zach Kassian1With Vancouver Canucks.
Clarke MacArthur1With Ottawa Senators.

Citizens Bank Park

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; January 1, 2012

Citizens Bank Park, home of the MLB Philadelphia Phillies, hosted the 2012 Winter Classic.

Player Goals Notes
Michael Rupp2All with New York Rangers.
Claude Giroux1With Philadelphia Flyers.
Brad Richards1With New York Rangers.
Brayden Schenn1With Philadelphia Flyers.

Commonwealth Stadium

Edmonton, Alberta; November 22, 2003

Commonwealth Stadium, home of the Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL, hosted the 2003 Winter Classic.

Player Goals Notes
Yanic Perreault2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Richard Zednik2All with Montreal Canadiens.
Eric Brewer1With Edmonton Oilers.
Steve Staios1With Edmonton Oilers.
Jarret Stoll1With Edmonton Oilers.

Fenway Park

Boston, Massachusetts; January 1, 2010

Fenway Park, home of the MLB Boston Red Sox, hosted the 2010 Winter Classic.

Player Goals Notes
Mark Recchi1With Boston Bruins.
Marco Sturm1With Boston Bruins.
Danny Syvret1With Philadelphia Flyers.

Heinz Field

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; January 1, 2011

Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL, hosted the 2011 Winter Classic.

Player Goals Notes
Eric Fehr2All with Washington Capitals.
Mike Knuble1With Washington Capitals.
Evgeni Malkin1With Pittsburgh Penguins.

McMahon Stadium

Calgary, Alberta; February 20, 2011

McMahon Stadium, home of the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL, hosted the 2011 Heritage Classic.

Player Goals Notes
Rene Bourque2All with Calgary Flames.
Anton Babchuk1With Calgary Flames.
Alex Tanguay1With Calgary Flames.

Michigan Stadium

Ann Arbor, Michigan; January 1, 2014

Michigan Stadium, home of the University of Michigan Wolverines, is scheduled to host the 2014 Winter Classic between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Player Goals Notes
Justin Abdelkader1With Detroit Red Wings.
Daniel Alfredsson1With Detroit Red Wings.
Tyler Bozak1With Toronto Maple Leafs.
James van Riemsdyk1With Toronto Maple Leafs.

Ralph Wilson Stadium

Orchard Park, New York; January 1, 2008

Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills of the NFL, hosted the 2008 Winter Classic.

Player Goals Notes
Colby Armstrong1With Pittsburgh Penguins.
Brian Campbell1With Buffalo Sabres.

Wrigley Field

Chicago, Illinois; January 1, 2009

Wrigley Field, home of the MLB Chicago Cubs, hosted the 2009 Winter Classic.

Player Goals Notes
Jiri Hudler2All with Detroit Red Wings.
Pavel Datsyuk1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Ben Eager1With Detroit Red Wings.
Martin Havlat1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Duncan Keith1With Chicago Blackhawks.
Brett Lebda1With Detroit Red Wings.
Brian Rafalski1With Detroit Red Wings.
Mikael Samuelsson1With Detroit Red Wings.
Kris Versteeg1With Chicago Blackhawks.